Sandostatin® LAR® Delivers Powerful Efficacy and Unparalleled Evidence
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Unique formulation eases injections

With its slow-release pharmacokinetic profile, Sandostatin® LAR® can be administered once a month, reducing the need for frequent injections. An advanced microsphere formulation provides dependable, state-of-the-art delivery of octreotide, and a single injection provides smooth, consistent drug levels for the entire once-monthly treatment period, at all doses.

Diagram of Sandostatin® LAR® Release Over 28 Days

Enhanced needle size eases injections

A new, redesigned 1.1-mm-diameter 19-gauge needle size helps prevent clogging and facilitates easier administration of Sandostatin LAR.


Sandostatin LAR must be administered immediately after suspension.

To properly administer the injection, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Eliminate air from syringe. Continually rock syringe gently to maintain uniform suspension.

Step 2:
Disinfect injection site with alcohol swab.

Step 3:    
Insert needle deep into right or left gluteus, and if no blood vessel has been penetrated, slowly inject suspension intramuscularly (IM) with steady pressure. If blood vessel is penetrated or if needle clogs, replace with new 1.1-mm diameter, 19-gauge needle. Sandostatin LAR must be given only by deep IM injection, never i.v. Inject Sandostatin® LAR® intramuscularly

Make note of injection site on patient’s record and alternate site monthly.

More injection points:

Injection points for administering Sandostatin® LAR®
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